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Independent Funeral Directors College

The Independent Funeral Directors College relationship with AIM Qualifications and Assessment Group, over a relatively short period of time, is proving to be immensely fruitful. Having designated associates to contact at AIM ensures efficient communication and good working relationships.

The IFD College has continually striven to provide exemplary opportunities to our students and our affiliation with AIM has been instrumental in achieving this goal.

The courses offered by our college under the guidance and accreditation of AIM have consistently met the highest standards of industry training and quality assurance, and the support of AIM in this respect is immeasurable.

One aspect that truly sets our association apart is the comprehensive support and resources provided by AIM.  Their knowledgeable team ensures that our team are well equipped to stay at the forefront of workplace training and development, and their assistance with curriculum development is invaluable.

Furthermore, our students benefit greatly from the strong reputation of AIM. The certification and recognition they receive upon completion of their courses significantly enhances their prospects and employability. This association acts as a seal of quality assuring potential employers that they possess the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in their chosen field.

In conclusion the association between AIM. and the IFD College has proven to be a true asset facilitating the delivery of exceptional vocational training and opening doors of opportunity for students. We are truly privileged to be associated with such a professional organisation. Here’s to a prosperous future built upon this fruitful partnership.