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Changes Health and Wellbeing

Changes Health and Wellbeing in Stoke on Trent is a user-led mental health charity offering weekly mutual help groups, each being run by a coordinator. To enable trainees to develop the necessary skills and confidence to undertake the coordinator role, Changes has worked with AIM Qualifications to design a customised accredited course.

“I undertook the coordinator training course in summer 2022 and it provided me with the confidence to become a volunteer coordinator and also to apply for paid employment for the first time in 12 years. Taking this course has altered my life completely and using the skills and knowledge that I acquired from the course I have managed to secure a full-time paid position as a wellness coach with North Staffs combined healthcare” (HH September 2022)

“I also just wanted to say a massive thank you, without doing the coordinator training course I wouldn’t have had the knowledge and confidence to be even applying for a university course never mind accepting an offer.” (EC-D August 2023)

We also work with HMPPS delivering a combination of AIM courses such as the Award in Peer Mentoring and our own AIM accredited customised courses such as Advancing towards Employment and Positive Changes. This combination of courses enables us to provide input that improves the life chances of learners by helping them to reintegrate into society with enhanced coping skills and having gained accredited qualifications.

“The pathways offered have worked very well with much of my caseload and I have have been able to support many clients into employment as a result. Thank you for the valuable and worthwhile work you do with our clients who face multiple barriers to achieving their full potential”. (JA North east Justice October 2022)