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Harjan Singh Dhanjal




Harjan Singh Dhanjal, 21, whose stage name is DJ CZR, was the first to complete the new Assistant Recording Technician Apprenticeship, achieving a double distinction for his end-point assessment.

Read about Harjan's experience with the assistant recording technician apprenticeship here.





Alicia Brown

PR and Communication Assistant Apprentice

"The communication I recieved from Gabi Brown was outstanding - she was very responsive and provided me with clear, concise answers each time. Communication around the knowledge test was first class. Gabi was sure to send me all the relevant information well in advance. Equally, the process for completing exams in a virtual set-up was fantastic - the digital software was easy to use and they communicated in advance to make sure I was set up and ready for the exam."


Charlie Haddon

PR and Communication Assistant Apprentice

"The way you have conducted yourself and have represented AIM has been truly outstanding. I would like to thank you on a personal note because this has been probably one of the most testing times for me personally. You have made this process so easy and comforting and have always been there to reply to any queries. I honestly can't thank you enough."


Reece Marriott

DWP Employment Communications

"Just an email from me to say an ENORMOUS thank you for all your help getting me into my knowledge test. Your calm head was very much needed talking me through my logins and passwords when the ones I had would not work. A huge amount of gratitude from me as you really helped me out this afternoon."


Anna Brown


"Thank you all for responding so quickly to ensure our learner reaches the gateway in time to start their EPA process. Looking forward to working with you on our first apprentice and this new system."


Toby Carter

Cirencester College

"AIM have proven to be a highly dependable and reliable partner in the delivery of new standards and their supportive and communicative approach has given us confience that we can deliver industry ready training that can be reliably and accurately assessed."


Christy Conway

Doncaster College and University Centre

"Myself and the other members of the apprenticeship team within digital have really benefitted from the planning document provided to us by AIM for the Apprenticeship Observations. It allows for learners to plan thoroughly and ensures they feel planned and prepared to cover all areas of the standard that will be required. It also allows the learners to see waht standards will be hit within the observation, giving them further guidance on how the observation will go."


Adam Williams

LDN Apprenticeships

"Gabi is an absolute superstar! She is always so supportive and accommodating with the apprentice’s requests and since she has been the main contact for us, things have really been going swimmingly. EPA is a stressful time for the apprentices and it's really nice for me to be able to honestly tell them that if there are any concerns of issues, my contact in AIM is really supportive and I can see that removes some of the tension."