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End-point assessments for the creative and cultural industries

Photographer EPA

The Photographer EPA is a Level 4 apprenticeship standard.

This occupation is found in multiple sectors including government, scientific, crime, social, commercial, cultural heritage, media, journalism and advertising.

The broad purpose of the occupation is to work autonomously and with customers or clients collaborating with other departments as required to produce, manage and deliver photographic assets to meet agreed requirements.

In their daily work, an employee in this occupation interacts with clients, subjects, re-touchers and other stakeholders involved in the production of images. They will set up and operate photographic equipment in a manner to obtain the best image in accordance with the customer/client brief. They can work in indoor studios as well as outside locations using digital or film cameras; producing stills or video imagery of a variety of subjects and objects for a wide range of uses.

An employee in this occupation will be responsible for, carrying out skilled work in the photographic industry to generate, print or publish a photographic image. Some staff working in specialist areas will be responsible for processing and printing imagery from photographic films using non-digital equipment.

Gateway requirements

  • Level 2 English and maths 
  • A portfolio of work-based evidence, used to support the professional discussion

Assessment Methods

  • Photographic project: The project involves the apprentice completing and submitting a piece of work that has a real business benefit. This is followed by a presentation delivered by the apprentice, and then questions from an assessor.
  • Professional discussion: A 60-minute discussion with an assessor, supported by a portfolio of evidence.

Indicative duration of assessment

The EPA will typically be completed within a period of up to three months once the Gateway requirements have been met. 

More Information

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