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AIM Assessment

Media Production Co-ordinator EPA

The Media Production Co-ordinator is a 'core and options' apprenticeship standard.

All apprentices undertake the core element of the apprenticeship and then choose to specialise in one of two key creative production areas:
1. Post-production, VFX/CG and animation
2. Film, TV, commercial, short form radio and audio production

The role

A Media Production Co-ordinator works within the creative media industries, as part of a production team delivering a film, TV or animated series, commercials or in specialist post-production departments. These professionals can be employed by a range of businesses including television, film or radio/audio production companies or VFX or post-production facilities. Their work on a project can range from a single or a series of productions, seeing them through from pre-production through to post-production, or through a specific part of the process.

The broad role of the occupation is to co-ordinate productions using specialist production management skills, knowledge and experience. A production co-ordinator is not limited in their potential roles as they can work across all genres in film, television, radio/audio or commercials; they may work in the production office, on set, in a studio or on location, in the UK or internationally. Their responsibilities can include supporting and delivering the operational elements of productions in film, TV, commercials, short form production, radio/audio, post-production, animation and VFX. This may include logistics, finance, personnel, equipment and/or content for productions, both on and off set, studio or on location. However, this can vary from role to role.

The Media Production Co-ordinator is a core and options Apprenticeship Standard, to reflect the varied roles that come under the production co-ordinator occupation in the creative media industries. All learners will undertake the core element of the apprenticeship, and then they will choose to specialise in one of the two production options.


Option 1: Film, TV, Commercial, Short Form Radio and Audio Production – The Production Co-ordinator working as a member of the Production team will provide operational support to the Production Manager. They will help the team deliver the needs of the production, including obtaining rights and legal clearances to production content, producing and maintaining production documentation, organising resources and logistics including transport, accommodation and equipment and scheduling productions. Production Co-ordinators will have a clear understanding of the production process and the changing needs and demands of the production team.

Option 2: Post-production, VFX/CG and Animation - The Production Coordinator or Junior Bookings Producer working in post-production, VFX/CG or Animation areas is responsible for assisting their team with the day-to-day running of a single project or multiple projects. They act as the first point of contact for the productions they are working with, dealing with specific post-production workflow queries, staffing and facility schedules, post-production deliverables and cost reports. This can include managing the reviewing of work and ensuring that appropriate notes and records are kept, liaising with clients over ingest of content, deliverables and client attended review sessions, scheduling and assisting with other logistical tasks as requested. They work with the Producer, Leads and Supervisors to track and manage the workflow through the departments meeting internal and external deadlines.

Gateway requirements

  • the apprentice is working at or above the occupational standard
  • apprentices must have achieved English and mathematics Level 2
  • the apprentice has collated a portfolio of evidence to underpin the professional discussion
  • apprentice must have agreed a project proposal with AIM Assessment

Assessment Methods

  • Production project report, presentation and supplementary questioning
  • Professional discussion underpinned by portfolio

More information

Find out more on the Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education website and be sure to read our story about the first media prodution co-ordinator apprentice to pass via an AIM EPA

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