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End-point assessments for the creative and cultural industries

Digital Forensic Technician EPA

The Digital Forensic Technician EPA is the end-point assessment for this Level 4 standard.

This occupation is found in all organisations that require a digital investigation/analysis of devices. These roles can be found in different public and private sector bodies and organisations that include digital forensics and criminal investigations within their service delivery.

The broad purpose of the occupation is for a Digital Forensic Technician to support the appropriate capture, preservation, and initial processing of digital evidence. They will provide triage and early decision-making for criminal investigations that will ensure the integrity of any digital evidence. 

In their daily work, an employee in this occupation interacts with their local forensics team. This will include a clear reporting structure above this role including practitioners, team leaders or manager, and specialists. Some organisations would also require them to present their findings at court, hearings/ tribunals and/or work with other experts. They may also work with legal teams including solicitors and barristers.

Gateway requirements

  • Level 2 English and maths
  • A portfolio of work-based evidence, used to support the professional discussion

Assessment Methods

  • Observation: A seven hour workplace observation of the apprentice undertaking operational case work, with questions from an assessor
  • Professional discussion: A 90-minute discussion with an assessor, supported by a portfolio of evidence.

Indicative duration of assessment

The EPA will typically be completed within a period of up to three months once the Gateway requirements have been met. 

More Information

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