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AIM Assessment

Cultural Learning and Participation Officer

The Cultural Learning and Participation Officer EPA is the end-point assessment for this level 3 standard.

Cultural Learning and Participation Officers (CLPO) plan, organise and co-ordinate artistic and cultural education workshops, schedules of activity and community engagement projects Activities planned, organised and co-ordinated by the CLPO, typically include teaching arts, culture and heritage subjects, creative workshops, visits, talks, performances, festivals, events and digital arts, using online content and social networks as appropriate. Activities may be accessed in cultural venues, online (through delivering webinars) and other settings for example schools, hospitals, prisons and community settings such as care homes.

The apprenticeship will typically take 15 – 21 months to complete.

Gateway requirements

  • Completion of a portfolio
  • Level 2 English and Maths

Assessment Methods

  • Practical observation: A three hour observation of the apprentice at work that allows them to demonstrate all aspects of a practical delivery of an education workshop/community engagement project from planning through to evaluation.
  • Professional discussion: A two hour, 30 minute discussion with our assessor. Split into two sections the discussion enables the apprentice to draw on their portfolio of evidence.

Indicative duration of assessment

Both assessments will usually be completed within three months of gateway, subject to the arrangements for the observation, the availability of facilities and assessor) .

More information

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