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AIM Assessment

Creative Industries Production Manager

The Creative Industries Production Manager is a 'core and options' apprenticeship standard.

All apprentices undertake the core element of the apprenticeship and then choose to specialise in one of four key areas:

  1. Production Accounting
  2. Film, TV and Short Form Production
  3. VFX, Post-Production and Animation
  4. Live Arts Performance

The Creative Industries Production Manager EPA is the end-point assessment for this level 7 standard.

A production manager takes responsibility for all the organisational aspects of production schedule and/or budget. They may work across all genres in film, television, commercials, VFX, post-production, animation and live performance art production, in a production office, on set/stage, in a studio or on location.  The role varies according to the part of the production process in which they work and in which genre they specialise.

They support the realisation of the creative team’s vision with responsibility for the practicalities of running a production; the preparation of production schedules or script breakdowns, ensuring that enough time is allocated for all aspects of the production process. They manage the production’s resources including personnel. In post-production and VFX, they provide the link between production company and supplier to deliver people and resources to complete the project. If they specialise in production accounting, they will be responsible for the financial management of a production.


  1. Production Accounting - The production manager is part of a team embedded within production departments working closely with the production management teams. They are responsible for managing the financial control of a slate of productions and/or providing financial support on a more dedicated basis to a more complex production.
  2. Film, TV and Short Form Production – Overseeing all operational and logistical elements of the production, the production manager leads the production team and may manage junior production managers and production co-ordinators. They plan out the production workflow process from pre-production to delivery of the final content.
  3. VFX, Post-Production and Animation - Working closely with the producer and supervisors, the production manager creates, implements and runs the schedule, tracking and managing the workflow through departments, ensuring that the project meets both internal and external deadlines. They lead or schedule the production team on a day-to-day basis and may manage junior line producers, bookings assistants and production co-ordinators. In some facilities the production manager may take on budgetary and client-facing responsibilities.
  4. Live Performance Art Production – The production manager supports the technical director to ensure the most effective use of resources and systems to realise all the technical elements of designs for productions, within the agreed budget, time and technical parameters. 

Gateway requirements

  • Completion of a portfolio
  • Level 2 English and maths
  • Agreement with the employer for the production project title, subject and scope.

Assessment Methods

  • Production project report, presentation and supplementary questioning: a pre-gateway work-based project to be submitted within six weeks of gateway and marked by our assessor. A subsequent presentation by the apprentice to the assessor which is followed by questions.
  • Professional discussion underpinned by a portfolio of evidence: An 80-minute professional discussion with our assessor based on the apprentice’s portfolio which they submit to us at gateway. 

Indicative duration of assessment

The EPA will typically be completed within three months once the gateway requirements have been met.

More Information

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