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AIM Assessment

Broadcast and Media Systems Technician EPA

The Broadcast and Media Systems Technician EPA is the end-point assessment for this level 5 standard.

Technicians ensure the reliability and integrity of broadcast and media systems critical to the delivery of tv, radio and online services; in a broadcast industry which operates 24/7.  They need to be able to respond quickly to problems, faults and the loss or impairment of services to ensure customers experience the best possible service. Broadcast and media systems technicians need to know and understand the maintenance characteristics that are particularly critical to the broadcast and media equipment or system, including electrical, electronic, mechanical, software, environmental and ergonomics. They are also responsible for ensuring broadcast and media systems modifications and upgrades are delivered in-line with agreed timescales and to industry specification.

They interact with broadcast technical operators, broadcast engineers, customers and suppliers. They will be expected to work autonomously and take sole responsibility for making decisions about ongoing maintenance versus replacement and the implications of this such as cost, downtime and reliability. They are expected to take ownership to resolve and/or escalate faults and incidents following company procedures and to provide technical advice and support to users and operators of broadcast and media systems in line with service level agreements.

This role could be located in a broadcast or operations centre, at customer premises, playout operations, outside broadcast units, transmitter sites, production control rooms or IP Networks or Software Support.

See also Broadcast and Media Systems Technical Operator Standard ( Level 3)

Gateway requirements

  • Completion of a portfolio
  • Level 2 English and maths
  • Agreement with the employer for the project title, subject and scope.

Assessment Methods

  • Knowledge test: a 60-minute, multiple choice test consisting of 20 questions
  • Project with presentation and Q & A; a real work project. The apprentice will work on a real business project and submit a report to us within eight weeks of commencement. They will present the project to our assessor who will ask supplementary questions. The project report, presentation and responses to questions will be marked holistically.
  • Professional discussion underpinned by a portfolio of evidence: A 90-minute professional discussion with our assessor, based on the apprentice’s portfolio, which they submit to us at gateway.

Indicative duration of assessment

The EPA will typically be completed within six months once the gateway requirements have been met.

More Information

Find out more on the Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education website.

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