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Helping you to help your apprentice

We work with a large network of centres offering support materials, mock assessments and general support to help ensure that yoApprenticeship imageu and your apprentices are appropriately prepared for the end-point assessment (EPA). As an EPAO we aren’t allowed to assess any apprentice who is isn’t employed so providers should ensure that employment contracts are of sufficient length to allow for potential re-sit/re-takes before contacting us.

As soon as your apprentices have started their training, contact AIM and we will work with you to put the EPA in place.


  • Once we have a formal agreement with you, we will supply you with our apprentice support materials and sample assessments to help prepare your apprentices right from the beginning of their training.
  • Once you register your apprentices with us, we will contact their employer to ensure that they have a good understanding of the assessment plan and any requirements upon them to participate in the EPA.
  • We like to see job descriptions for the apprentices before the EPA as this helps us, where we can, to appoint
    an assessor with a close match of specific contextual experience.
  • We offer ‘understanding your EPA’ training sessions for you and employers.
  • Our sample assessment briefs and papers will give your apprentices practice experience of the EPA. If these ‘mocks’ show something unexpected, it could identify a gap in the training which can be addressed prior to the EPA.
  • Our friendly customer support team are available from 9am to 5pm (weekdays) to answer any queries quickly and efficiently.
  • It is likely that the standard you are using will be relevant across a breadth of organisational contexts and so the apprentice should know about these as part of their training. This will help them enormously with career planning as well as preparing for questions that could come up in any part of their EPA


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