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What is an end-point assessment (EPA)

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The introduction of end-point assessment (EPA) was one of the biggest recent changes to apprenticeships in England. Previously, apprentices were assessed by the organisation providing the training, but recent government legislation requires that all apprenticeships must contain an end-point assessment which is delivered by an external assessor, independent of the on-programme training provider. AIM is an independent assessor or end-point assessment organisation (EPAO).

An EPA is an assessment of the knowledge, skills and behaviours learnt throughout an apprenticeship to ensure an apprentice is fully competent in the relevant occupational standards set by industry. Trailblazer employer groups develop assessment plans for each standard.Apprenticeship logo

The assessment is taken by the apprentice at the very end of their training when their employer (and sometimes their training provider) is satisfied that they are ready. If the end-point assessment is successful, an apprenticeship certificate is issued.

AIM is an independent, government recognised, end-point assessment organisation (EPAO) specialising in apprenticeships for the creative and cultural industries. We are responsible for an apprentice’s final assessment to ensure they can do the job for which they’ve trained.

Association of Apprentices

We are members of the Association of Apprentices which unlocks access to a host of free resources and peer support aimed at helping apprentices maximise their apprenticeship.

The role of an EPA organisation (EPAO)

An EPAO is responsible for an apprentice’s final assessment to ensure they can do the job for which they’ve trained. AIM provides assessment services principally to the creative, cultural and professional services industries. These standards are listed in the register of end-point assessment organisations (RoEPAO) and are shown on our standards page.

AIM’s role as an EPAO is to:
- interpret the requirements of the assessment plan into assessment tasks
- mark, assess and grade overall achievement
- ensure a fair and equitable EPA for all apprentices regardless of their work context.

Why choose AIM as your end-point assessment organisation?

  • AIM is the only End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) to specialise in the creative, cultural and professional services industries
  • AIM is a member of the Creative UK
  • Our assessors are current industry practitioners and are fully trained by us in assessment practice
  • Our assessments are relevant, reliable, efficient, positive and recognise learning
  • We only provide EPAs for occupations where we have expertise
  • As a leading EPAO, we deliver EPAs for SMEs and large blue-chip creative companies
  • We provide extensive support materials, including sample papers and guides for the apprentice, employer and training provider that clearly explain what to expect.
  • Leading research into EPA delivery and improvements: AIM has been awarded two research grants by the Education and Training Foundation to consider effective delivery of EPAs
  • We are constantly developing our networks with industry and education, refining our approach, listening to the voice of industry and the practical needs of providers
  • There are no surprise charges or hidden fees. We charge per apprentice price for each EPA
  • We offer ‘understanding your EPA’ training sessions for employers, line managers and providers

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Find out more

If you'd like to speak to us about our apprenticeship EPAs please get in touch with our EPA team.

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Work with us

We are always looking for industry professionals to work with us as associate end-point assessors across all of our standards. Whilst experience of assessment would be an asset, what we really want to do is to ensure that assessors have the appropriate depth of industry knowledge and experience to support our mantra of ‘assessment with integrity’.  We will provide the opportunity to train in assessment.
If you would like to support apprenticeships in your industry and/or looking for an opportunity to broaden your own development 
then please check out our portal