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End-Point Assessment (EPA)

An end-point assessment (EPA) assesses apprentices’ knowledge , skills and behaviours learnt throughout their apprenticeship.

The assessment is taken at the very end of the training when the apprentice’s employer (and sometimes their training provider) is satisfied that they are ready. If the end-point assessment is successful, an apprenticeship certificate is issued.


Why choose AIM for you EPA?

AIM is an independent, Ofqual recognised, end-point assessment organisation (EPAO). We are responsible for an apprentice’s final assessment to ensure they can do the job for which they’ve trained.

AIM isn’t just an EPAO; it's a partner to make your apprenticeship programmes stand out. AIM’s exceptional end-point assessments are characterised by ten guiding principles.

  1. Assessments will only be carried out by assessors with the relevant skills, experience and specific industry knowledge
  2. Assessments should produce consistent results, no matter who conducts or takes it, ensuring reliability in the evaluation process.
  3. The assessment(s) should accurately measure what it's intended to assess in order to guarantee that the assessment truly reflects the apprentice's capabilities.
  4. The assessment process should be fair and impartial, avoiding bias or discrimination against any apprentice.
  5. Assessments should be accessible to all apprentices, accommodating diverse backgrounds, abilities, and learning styles.
  6. The assessment(s) should have clearly defined criteria and expectations to ensure apprentices understand what they're being assessed on.
  7. All parties (apprentice, employer and training provider) should know how the apprentice will be assessed; the process should be transparent to instil confidence in its fairness.
  8. Assessment tasks and questions should mirror real work scenarios to help apprentices showcase their practical skills, knowledge and behaviours.
  9. The assessor should provide constructive feedback to help apprentices understand their strengths and areas for improvement.
  10. There should be a close partnership between the EPAO, and the training provider/employer to ensure the assessment meets everyone's needs.

By embodying these principles, we not only validate an apprentice’s readiness for the industry but also enhance the overall quality and credibility of apprenticeships.


"EPA is a stressful time for the apprentices and it's really nice for me to be able to honestly tell them that if there are any concerns of issues, my contact in AIM is really supportive and I can see that removes some of the tension."

Adam Williams - LDN Apprenticeships

Association of Apprentices

We are members of the Association of Apprentices which unlocks access to a host of free resources and peer support for your apprentices eg Apprentice-led online community; free eLearning modules; masterclasses, talks from industry experts etc.

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