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Access to HE

Flexible learning

Online and blended learning options

A typical Access to HE diploma programme may be studied for a year full-time or two years part-time. Programmes offered during the day are generally organised to allow students to fit their study around their home, family and work commitments and can be delivered in a traditional classroom setting, wholly online, or as a blended learning course depending on the particular diploma and centre.

Online Access to HE Diplomas

Through a partnership with Pearltech UK Ltd, many of our Access to HE diplomas can be delivered fully online through highly innovative and leading industry Pearl software. Centres can use the platform to tailor the content of their chosen diploma course.  Alternatively, many of our online Access to HE units can be used as part of a blended learning programme.

Recognised AIM centres any college or training provider can have access to the Pearl system to deliver our Access to HE Diplomas as part of a blended learning or fully online programme.

Introducing Pearl

Pearl brings together all that is good about online learning, allowing providers/centres using our Access to Higher Education diplomas, to focus tutor resources more effectively on the needs of learners. Pearl helps learners achieve recognised Access to Higher Education diplomas from home, on the move or in the workplace.

Pearl is more than just another Learning Management System. Learners are centre stage throughout their learning journey and as one of our centres you receive full support and guidance on making the most of online delivery; including advice on recruitment and screening to ensure your learners are best placed to succeed. 

Free Pearl demonstration

We are happy to offer you a free demonstration of Pearl to see how it can work for you as a provider and for your students. Get in touch today by contacting the Access Team either by:
Calling us on 0844 225 3377
Sending us an e-mail to 


•    Reach more learners as you become free from previous classroom space limitations
•    Rich interactive learning content mapped to regulated qualifications
•    Collaborative “social” learners are engaged creating and sharing additional resources
•    Unique online technology assisted e-assessments for competency and knowledge-based assessment
•    Delivers significant cost savings while increasing learner engagement
•    Incentives to motivate and encourage learners
•    Course materials available to learners whenever they need them
•    Dashboards to track learners and tutors at the click of a button
•    Powerful management tools saving time and removing paperwork


•    Cloud based scalable Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
•    E-portfolio System – all portfolios and assignments kept online
•    Virtual Assessment Strategies including video evidence
•    Learner Tracking, Reporting and Management System
•    Automatic reminders sent direct to learners
•    Initial Assessment Diagnostic Tool that supports Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG)
•    Learners can customise their learning journey
•    Easy Course Creator Software
•    Advanced Learner Loans (& other ESFA funding) Enrolment and Administration tool
•    Learner can communicate with peers and tutors

Online Access to HE diplomas available

Currently, the following Access to HE diplomas are available for on-line delivery. If you are interested in online delivery for any other Access to HE diploma, please get in touch with 

  • Access to HE Diploma (Art and Design)
  • Access to HE (Business and Management)
  • Access to HE (Computer Science)
  • Access to HE (Computer Science and Mathematics)
  • Access to HE Diploma (Criminology)
  • Access to HE Diploma (Data Science)
  • Access to HE (Education)
  • Access to HE (Engineering)
  • Access to HE (English Studies)
  • Access to HE (Health and Social Care)
  • Access to HE (Health Professionals)
  • Access to HE (Humanities)
  • Access to HE (Land Based Science)
  • Access to HE (Midwifery)
  • Access to HE (Nursing)
  • Access to HE (Psychology)
  • Access to HE (Radiography)
  • Access to HE (Science)
  • Access to HE (Social Science)
  • Access to HE (Social Science and Health)
  • Access to HE (Social Science and Humanities)
  • Access to HE (Social Work)
  • Access to HE (Sports Science)
  • Access to HE Diploma (Veterinary Science)

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