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Keith Fletcher Awards

Keith Fletcher Awards 2024 Winners

For the academic year 2022 – 2023

A formal awards ceremony for the winners, centres and AVAs will be held on Wednesday 6 March 2024 at the House of Commons.

Outstanding Academic Achievement Winners

Winner: Vlad Starchenko, City and Islington College. Nominated by AVA OCN London

The generation of exceptional assignments within an Access course in Engineering is to be celebrated. This student is clearly determined to succeed and has the potential to complete work at a high standard. It is interesting to note that such achievement was against a background of numerous personal challenges.” Judge

Vlad Starchenko is an extraordinary individual whose journey and accomplishments are truly inspiring. His outstanding academic achievements, particularly in the face of adversity and personal challenges, demonstrate a level of excellence and dedication that is rarely seen.“ City and Islington College  

Highly Commended: Sophie Clark, Nottingham Trent University. Nominated by AVA CAVA

“It is clear that this student is most able in academic terms. A poster presentation, based on the oral contraceptive pill, was excellent. This assignment demonstrated the ability to research a topic and to consolidate the most important facts in a clear manner. The supporting statement provided by her tutor(s) was very positive and reflected the challenges faced by this student during her period of study. She is very much worthy of this recommendation.“ Judge

“It has been an absolute delight to teach Sophie this year and we too have learned an awful lot from her about determination and resilience. After the challenges and difficulties that Sophie has been through previously it would have been so easy for her to remain low key and under the radar but she pushed herself every single day to be the best that she can be and she really has been a huge inspiration to all those that have had the pleasure of her company. I highly recommend that Sophie would be well deserved winner of this award.” Nottingham Trent University.

Outstanding Commitment to Study

Winner: Sara Head, Cardiff and Vale College. Nominated by AVA Agored Cymru

This student has achieved to a high standard despite some extremely serious health challenges. The determination that drove her to turn her disability into something that she could use, through sport, to achieve, was then shown after her near disastrous brush with Covid. Despite this she completed her diploma with good grades. Her achievements will change her life and give her an entirely new career.” Judge

Sara’s commitment to study has been exceptional: she has inspired both learners and tutors with her positivity and resilience. She has proved to be a role model for everyone and deserves to have this commitment recognised.” Tutor, Cardiff and Vale College

Highly Commended: Danny Svenson, Bishop Burton College. Nominated by AVA CAVA

This student clearly had to work hard to develop and master the basic study and IT skills needed to succeed, and it is to his credit that he did this while his personal life was stressful. He has done well to persevere and achieve.” Judge

Throughout the course, even when Danny was struggling, he also went out of his way to ensure other people on the course were keeping up, and to ensure that when other students had personal problems, he was there as a friend supporting them through it. Danny has shown outstanding commitment to his access course, and is now thoroughly enjoying his first year on degree.” Tutor, Bishop Burton College

Judging Panel

Many thanks to this year’s Access Validating Agency’s nominated judges: 

  • Darren Howells, Agored Cymru 
  • Teresa Flowers, AIM Qualifications and Assessment Group
  • Dr John McCann, CAVA 
  • Yvonne Savage, Gateway Qualifications 
  • Sally Kent, Laser Learning  Awards 
  • Julie Farmer, OCN London 
  • Dr Gordon Laing, Open Awards