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Access to HE

How Centres benefit
Include Access to HE Diplomas in your curriculum!

If you’ve never delivered Access to HE Diplomas at your college/centre before you will want to read about the wide range of benefits they can bring to you and your organisation.

Increase enrolment: By providing Access to Higher Education Diplomas, colleges/training providers can attract a broader range of students who may have previously been excluded due to their lack of formal qualifications. This can lead to increased enrolment numbers and a more diverse student body.

Fill niche markets: Access to Higher Education Diplomas allows colleges/training providers to cater to niche markets and address the needs of individuals who are seeking a second chance at education or are looking to change careers.

Improve community engagement: Offering Access to Higher Education Diplomas can enhance a college's engagement with the local community. It shows that the institution is committed to providing educational opportunities to individuals who might not have otherwise pursued higher education.

Enhance reputation: Colleges/training providers that actively promote and support Access to Higher Education Diplomas can gain a positive reputation for their commitment to inclusivity and social responsibility.

Contribute to workforce development: These diploma programs can help address skill shortages and contribute to the development of a skilled workforce in various industries.

Bring financial benefits: Increased enrolment in Access to Higher Education Diplomas can lead to additional tuition revenue for the college. Additionally, these diploma programs often have government funding or grants available to support students, further enhancing the college's financial position.

Provide inspirational success stories: Successful Access to Higher Education Diploma students who go on to complete their higher education degrees can become powerful ambassadors for the college, inspiring others to pursue their educational goals.

Enhance relationships with universities: Many Access to Higher Education Diploma programs are specifically designed to prepare students for further study at universities. This can lead to stronger partnerships between your college and universities, facilitating smoother transitions for students.

Fulfil social objectives: Colleges/training providers have a responsibility to contribute to the social and economic development of their communities. Offering Access to Higher Education Diplomas aligns with this objective and demonstrates a commitment to social equity and mobility.

Provide personal and professional development: Colleges/training providers can take pride in the role they play in transforming the lives of individuals who may have faced barriers to education. Providing opportunities for personal and professional growth can be immensely rewarding for the institution and its staff.

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