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AVA of Choice

Martyn Bell

Martyn studied for the Access to Higher Education Engineering Diploma at Middlesbrough College and was awarded the Award for 'Outstanding Academic Achievement' at the AIM Access to Higher Education Virtual Learner Awards 2023.

Studying the course as a mature student with a young family and work commitments, Martyn consistently produced work to the highest standards, going above what was required for the programme. 

Martyn's tutor commented "he has included evidence from a wide range of industrial situations as evidenced through the Design module, from formal standards to a range of detailed drawings to a final solution. The detail within this ungraded unit is outstanding and shows a commitment to developing his skills as an engineer. His peers are motivated to improve their own practice by the level he has shown in his work. One of his assessors has stated that the two assessments included here are not just some of the best work shown on Access, but would achieve on Level four provisions they also deliver on."