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Mission, Vision and Values

Our Vision, Mission and Values provide the foundations on what we aim to achieve as an organisation and how we plan to get there.


Vision Statement: Empowering Futures

Our Mission Statement:

AIM facilitates social mobility to transform lives and opportunities, with a primary focus on providing high quality vocational technical qualifications, Access to Higher Education Diplomas, apprenticeships and assessment services.

Our Values include:

  • Inclusion
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Empowerment

Our AIMs for the next three years (2023 - 2026) are to:

  • AIM 1: Govern and lead AIM with integrity, transparency and diligence to safeguard the long term future of the organisation.
  • AIM 2: Invest in the AIM team and facilitate professional growth within a dynamic, values driven culture.
  • AIM 3: Deliver regulatory compliance across all products and services.
  • AIM 4: Build a reputation for sector leading customer experience based on efficient and effective processes and systems.
  • AIM 5: Deliver national and international growth across a dynamic and viable portfolio of products and services.