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Meet the Team

Compliance Team

Stacy Cockbill: Compliance Director

Sally Howard: Head of Access and Compliance

Sophie Deslandes: External Quality Assurance Manager
Trudi Ridge: External Quality Assurance Verifier
Helen Spooner: External Quality Assurance Verifier
Joulia Tsinontas: External Quality Assurance Administrator

Natalie Fowkes: Compliance Manager
Amanda Ibrahim: External Assessment Compliance Lead
Nicola Chatwin: External Compliance Lead
Katie Harrison: External Compliance Coordinator
Shauna Lane: Internal Compliance Lead

Pam Stanway: Access to HE Manager 
Rachel Hunn: Access to HE Lead
Laura Walker: Access to HE Lead
Julie Hebdige: Access to HE Coordinator

Sue Benton: Quality Lead Manager
Tim Cook: Quality Lead
Natalie Davies: Quality Lead
Katharine Pearce: Quality Lead

Contact the team

To guarantee quick and efficient responses to your various queries we have designed a range of specific inboxes that centres can contact in relation to various questions they may have, meaning you can have direct contact to the team you need at an instant. Details can be found on our webpage