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Meet the Team

Compliance Team

Sally Howard: Head of Access and Compliance

Sophie Deslandes: External Quality Assurance Manager
Trudi Ridge: External Quality Assurance Verifier
Helen Spooner: External Quality Assurance Verifier

Natalie Fowkes: Compliance Manager
Amanda Ibrahim: External Assessment Compliance Lead
Nicola Chatwin: External Compliance Lead
Katy Harrison: External Compliance Coordinator
Shauna Lane: Internal Compliance Coordinator
Liz Skipper: Quality Coordinator

Pam Stanway: Access to HE Manager 
Rachel Hunn: Access to HE Lead
Laura Walker: Access to HE Lead 

Sue Benton: Quality Lead Manager
Tim Cook: Quality Lead
Natalie Davies: Quality Lead
Katharine Pearce: Centre Lead

The compliance team can be contacted directly on

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