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Meet the Team

Business Growth and Transformation Team

Fabienne Bailey: Director for Business Growth and Transformation

Will Cummins: Business Growth Manager
Sara Jordan: Business Growth Manager
Janice SpencerBusiness Growth Manager
Clare Preston: Business Growth Manager
Stuart Welsh: Business Development Lead

Jill MinterHead of Marketing and Communications

Jade Allen: Graphic Design and Brand Coordinator
Jaswinder Jandu: Marketing and Campaigns Coordinator
Conner Thornewill: Digital Marketing Coordinator

Kim Underhill: Head of Qualification and Assessment Development

Orla Brown: Qualifications and Assessment Developer
Hayley Dilley: Qualifications and Assessment Developer
Nicola Heaton: Qualifications and Assessment Developer
Rob Hinde: Qualifications and Assessment Developer
Kate Middleton: Qualifications and Assessment Developer
Lisa Pinnell: Qualifications and Assessment Developer

Jenner Griffiths: Assessment Manager
Moira Malcolm: Qualifications Assessment Coordinator
Latitia Tomlinson: Qualifications Officer

The business growth team can be contacted directly on 

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